You work hard every other day of the year to get people’s attention, to initiate conversations, to get someone to follow-up.

Every day that is except for your birthday.

On your birthday, people follow-up with you.  It may be to send just a couple congratulatory words, but you have their attention.

Last Thursday I received hundreds of LinkedIn emails, Facebook notes, etc.  I responded to every one of them.

Yes, it took a long time.  But among those conversations I was able to get an update from five former clients (complete with a few buying signals), generated three qualified opportunities into our sales pipeline, and started two conversations that may very well become new lead sources for us over the next few months.

It’s not about treating that birthday attention as a business opportunity. But I’ve lost count over the years how often companies and individuals have turned a “happy birthday” (sender and/or recipient) into a revenue-producing event.