By Robert Pease, Pipeline Performance Practice Lead, Heinz Marketing

As immortalized by Alec Baldwin’s character Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross, ABC meant “Always Be Closing” –  Always. Be. Closing.  

Wise words indeed and still very applicable to selling.  We wanted to expand the ABCs a bit to a few other definitions for sales and marketing professionals.

Always Build Contacts

This means for you as a person and your business.

As a business professional, always work to expand your network by meeting new people, attending events, using things like LinkedIn to make and keep contacts fresh.  Keep them genuine and real but make a concerted effort to not only collect business cards but have interactions with your network before you need something from someone.

For your business, keep building your list. Your list of contacts, prospects, customers.  Use the list size as a metric you measure.  Treat it with respect and professionalism but there is a reason email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to reach people.  Just keep the content valuable and the frequency sane. And if you don’t send an email campaign to your list at least once per month you are not doing the minimum required.

Always Build Content

There are so many hungry channels for content sharing and distribution and you have to feed them.

Remember, your goal is to get into the consumption patterns of your target audience and contribute meaningful and relevant content.

This doesn’t require huge budgets or massive projects but does require a commitment to building and sharing good content.  Think about the issues and challenges important to your customer.  There will be plenty of time to tell them about how great your product or service is but master the art and science of speaking to the problem they have and the outcome they are seeking.

Use blogs, contributed articles, tweets and whatever else it takes to reach them but make sure you are doing it.  It works and if you are starting from a standstill it will take some time but it will work.
Add these to takes on the ABCs of sales and marketing to your approach..and remember – keep closing!