By Brian Hansford, Director of Client Services, Heinz Marketing

I prefer to take handwritten notes but the disconnect on getting them to my computer is a pain. Transposing handwritten notes to some kind of document is time consuming and tedious for me.  I like having a physical record of my notes by I have wanted a way to easily scan or transfer notes to Evernote.

Enter Rocketbook Wave.

I discovered Rocketbook Wave in the spring of 2015 from an Indiegogo fundraiser. Their fundraiser has been incredibly successful raising over $1 million from over 24,000 backers.

Rocketbook Wave is a straightforward concept with a funky differentiator.  The notebooks themselves started shipping to backers just recently, along with the download availability of the app.  The pages have a grid and QR code. Rocketbook Wave comes with a roller style Pilot Frixon pen with ink that disappears when it’s microwaved. The idea is reusable notebook.  (I’ll be honest that I think the microwave part is…different… and I haven’t tried it and probably won’t.)

What I love is taking notes and easily scanning them with the app on my Android device, and having the notes automatically routed to specific notebooks in Evernote. The app scanner is available for Andoid and iOS devices.  Scanned notes can be routed to multiple channels including email, Google Docs, DropBox, and OneNote. I can categorize the notes with specific icons on each page which helps determine the routing rules for the scan. The scanning and routing is where I really like Rocketbook Wave.

You can use the Rocketbook system without the notebook by printing pdf versions of the notebook pages in 8.5×11 and A4.

For note takers like me that prefer to write and doodle, I recommend this cool solution.