It’s a simple concept and a simple spreadsheet.  Instead of mapping messages to your sales process, map them to the buyer’s journey.  Separate those story lines by key personas within your target market segments.

Each cell in the spreadsheet below is populated by short bullets enumerating the general themes that ultimately will be translated into content, campaigns, sales material, etc.

But that’s getting the cart before the horse.  You don’t start with collateral or blog posts or landing pages.  You start with stories.  And I would argue that stages 0-2 in this spreadsheet are the most important, not only for marketers but to set up the need and urgency that accelerates velocity and conversion in the sales process that follows.

I bet the content that will populate this spreadsheet is already in your head or otherwise part of your institutional knowledge.  Get it on paper, get your marketing and sales teams aligned behind it, and I bet your execution becomes easier, faster and more effective as a result.

Of course, the file via Slideshare below is a PDF.  If you want the original XLS version, just email me.