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Hive9 offers a compelling solution that not only measures historical attribution, but can take real-time data to give marketers the data intelligence to drive future efforts.

Consider this perspective on attribution:

Marketers should use attribution for good, not evil. Don’t massage attribution data just to take credit for past success! Figure out what impacts closed-won deals, so you can budget better and predict revenue impact for upcoming quarters. What content or sequence is most effective? Which campaign strategy worked best?

Hive9 supports several forms of rules-based multi-touch attribution (first touch, last touch, time decay, evenly weighted, etc.) but the real secret sauce is Hive9’s statistically-inferred revenue attribution (They call it SIRA – Siri’s data scientist twin). With statistically-inferred revenue attribution, you attribute revenue to campaigns based on the correlation of touch points and campaign responses to closed-won deals (and not closed-lost deals). Relying on what REALLY happened is better than just deciding that first or last touch is the way to go. Hive9 is helpful because then a marketer can make better decisions about their budget allocation for the future, as well as predict results for future quarters.

B2B CMOs like MongoDB’s Meagen Eisenberg rely on Hive9’s cloud-based solution to get one view of all plans and budgets tied to pipeline and revenue performance, optimize the full customer experience, and measure what matters to get real-time visibility that drives action and results. Hive9 customers include Zebra Technologies, MongoDB, and Sage Software, and the company is based in Austin, Texas.

Definitely worth a look as a core element of your marketing technology stack!

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