Yesterday at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in Las Vegas, I presented highlights from my new book Full Funnel Marketing, which summarizes best practices modern marketers are following to increase impact, efficiency, velocity and profitability of their efforts throughout the marketing and sales process.

The fundamental idea behind “full funnel marketing” is for marketers to fully embrace revenue responsibility, to proactively manage and measure their departments as a profit center for their organizations, and to actively support the sales team’s productivity and opportunity conversion efforts.

This requires aligning not behind just lead generation or even mere sales pipeline contribution, but measured marketing impact on closed business and customer lifetime value.  It requires a much higher degree of coordination between sales & marketing, with marketing taking a leadership position in the areas of sales enablement, productivity and technology in particular.

This shift to a full funnel approach adds significant complexity and isn’t an overnight shift, but it’s already fundamentally changing the perception, impact and success of B2B marketing organizations worldwide.

If you want to learn more about the ideas and initiatives behind Full Funnel Marketing:

  1. Get the Book: Download a free PDF of the brand-new book Full Funnel Marketing here.
  2. Get the Presentation: Check out my slides from the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit presentation here.
  3. Attend the Event: Join us in Seattle on June 16, 2016 for a full afternoon of Full Funnel Marketing speakers, panels, best practices, networking and more!  Register to reserve your seat here.