Next week, more than 5,000 B2B marketers will descend into Sin City for four days (!) of training, content, connections, parties, shenanigans and more at the 2016 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit.  And in all seriousness, measured by quantity and quality, this may be one of the most valuable events of the B2B calendar.

For those attending for the first time, as well as those who have attended before (and are likely in the midst of a busy spring conference season already), below are 11 best practices to help make your time in Las Vegas productive, successful and survivable.

Get Your Calendar Ready
This includes clearing your calendar from back home as well as setting up your calendar with sessions, events, parties and other places you intend to be.  Do this before you arrive, so that you’re staying present at the event (vs. just getting sucked back into conference calls back at the office) plus are able to make the most use of your pre-intended objectives.

Get Your Out-Of-Office Ready
I highly recommend putting work back at the office on pause.  You’re investing a lot of time and money to be at this event, take full advantage.  Make sure your out-of-office auto-reply makes it clear that you won’t be getting back to run-of-the-mill work immediately.

Download and Set Up the App Now
The conference mobile app from DoubleDutch is really well done this year, and has some great features such as an interactive expo hall map, attendee directory and more.  Download it now when you know the wifi is good and fast.

Power Up
Bring as many power cables as you need to power all of your devices at once, and plug those mobile devices in every time you’re back in your room.  Carry a mobile power charger with you if you can.

Choose Shoes Wisely
This is not a conference for five-inch heels.  Look great but know you’ll be putting some serious steps in your FitBit next week.  Good socks, inserts, even a handful of Band-Aids for the inevitable blister is a good idea to have with you.

Easy to forget, and a fast way to lose your energy and mojo at any time of the day.  Not a bad idea to pack your favorite water bottle from home to carry with you.

Pace Yourself
These days can be loooong – early networking breakfasts, marathon keynotes and sessions, evening parties, etc.  Know your limits, rest when you need to, even sneak in a quick nap here and there.  Don’t go crazy on Monday and miss out on the good stuff the rest of the week.

Be An Extrovert (at least for this week)
Introduce yourself proactively to others – in line for meals, next to you in breakouts, in the elevator (if they’re wearing a badge that looks like yours, they’re with your conference!).  Get out of your comfort zone a little and meet new people.  You never know when you’ll find someone who can unlock a particular challenge you have back at the office, find someone who can unlock your next career move, your next sale, etc.

Take Great Notes
Don’t worry about prioritizing (at least not yet).  Just capture all of your ideas and learnings as quickly & effectively as you can.  Here’s a bit on how I do it.

Embrace Serendipity
When you’ve planned your days in advance, you’ll know where in those days you have room to deviate.  I guarantee you’ll find opportunities next week that will be unexpected and exciting.  Follow the unknown path.

Triage On Your Way Home
Use your plane ride back home to sort contacts, follow up with people, make LinkedIn connections, and review your notes to start prioritizing next steps when back in the office.  If you wait until you’re actually back in the office to do this, you’ll be competing with a mountain of email, new fire drills, etc.

Good luck, have fun, and come see us!  Heinz Marketing will be in booth B-108 and we have some fun surprises in store for you!