It was a pleasure to speak at the #FlipMyFunnel B2B Marketing and SAles Conference last week in Boston.  As always, Sangram, Nikki, Eren and team did a fantastic job pulling together great content, speakers attendees and more.

It was particularly fun to speak on best (and worst!) practices for sales development emails.  My presentation outlined several best practices and recommendations for BDR outreach, but those were preceded by 12 specific worst practices pulled directly from campaigns I’ve received in recent weeks.

I honestly believe it’s well worth the time to share examples like these with your sales team.  Giving them best practices and good templates is great, but it’s also important that they see directly what NOT to do, so they can recognize it when they start to create it or think it’s a good idea.

My slides from last week are below.  And I’m still collecting examples of “the bad” for the next round of this presentation down the road…