I’ve never historically been a podcast guy.  I’ve produced one for a year now (and we launched a second one late last year), but I’ve been 100% producer and 0% consumer.

Until last month.

I had some free time during the holidays so started searching, listening, playing around.

I currently subscribe to zero business podcasts.  But I’ve found some great podcasts that focus on BBQ, college football, cooking, parenting and more.

My primary listening time is in the car now.  I can’t stay focused at home or at work to get enough out of the content, and for some reason I have the same problem while working out.

But in the car I’ve solved multiple problems.  I have something productive and interesting to listen to, on-demand, whenever I want.  And those podcasts keep me engaged and away from my phone, so I’m not using it actively for anything else.  With radio (terrestrial or satellite) I too often flip between channels to find something I like, right then.  But with the podcast I’ve pre-selected what I want to hear, so I stick with it and stay focused on the road.

Those non-business podcasts are also a great way for me to take a little brain break when driving between meetings, or to transition out of work mode on my way home so I’m ready for the evening circus at home.  I get less grouchy in traffic now too.

The idea of podcasts has always been interesting, my biggest challenge has been finding regular time for them.  Turns out it’s been there all along.


  • I go back and forth between music and podcasts in the car on my commute, but for long solo trips nothing beats a few back-to-back podcasts. I downloaded the This American Life app a while back and it made a recent drive to Grand Rapids from Toronto go by in a breeze!