It’s easy to experience the fear of missing out (FOMO).  Easy to let that fear consume you, distract you, second-guess your decisions.

But what are you really missing?

You could have been there but you chose not to be.  Could be because something else was more important, or because another priority was higher.  It could be because you intentionally made a decision to prioritize something more in line with your objectives, your values, your mission.

If that’s the case, flip that fear into joy.  It’s easy to envy what we don’t have, harder sometimes to appreciate what we do have.

Most things we experience FOMO around are figments.  A day or two later, FOMO has dissipated into nothing.  So what exactly what is that you feared in the first place?

Know your priorities, your goals, and act accordingly.  Relish what you missed!

Fear will eat at you, but joy will inspire and energize you to the next great challenge and accomplishment.