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Submitted by Robert Pease, Pipeline Performance Practice Lead, Heinz Marketing, Inc.

We all have a love/hate relationship with our inbox.  At least most us do..including me.

Whether you are in the “inbox zero”, the folder management, or let it pile up crowd, we could all benefit from a little help at better email workflow, faster response to the most important things, and taking control of this communication platform that dominates our lives.

That’s why companies like Boomerang are doing so well. I met founder/CEO Alex Moore many years ago when he had just launched Baydin to apply some intelligence to the inbox. That evolved to become Boomerang, one of the most useful and popular inbox tools out there.

“Boomerang helps its customers focus on email that matters, when it matters. Our tools allow for reading and responding to messages faster and more decisively than before.

There are a few different ways to add Boomerang to your life via Gmail, Outlook, or Android device. Oh, and they’ve just added Respondable to the experience with leverages data science to help you write better, more actionable emails.


They also are analyzing and sharing great insights like the most effective email closing to get a reply (spoiler alert: it’s “Thanks in advance”)

With there stated mission to “make productivity software that encourages people to be more productive” there is sure to more amazing things coming from this great company so try it today.