Numerous studies have shown just how directly and significantly sales enablement can impact conversion rates, sales productivity and success.  According to CEB, the buying journey has increased in complexity significantly in recent years – with now 6.8 people on average involved in the buying journey.  Additional research from CEB indicates that internal selling obstacles are most challenging to sales professionals in getting deals done.  This speaks directly to the need for sales enablement to impact results short and long-term.

With our new Complete Buyer’s Guide to Sales Enablement (produced together with our friends at SAVO), you’ll have everything you need to create a groundswell of demand inside your own organization for a dedicated sales enablement initiative.

Whether you’re looking for get executive support, secure budget or simply increase resources available to support sales enablement efforts, this guide will give you the tools, best practices and messages to be successful.

The Complete Buyer’s Guide to Sales Enablement is a roadmap to help you navigate your internal sales enablement processes. The guide includes:

  • Specific examples of B2B companies implementing, leveraging and succeeding with dedicated sales enablement initiatives
  • A map to position the value of sales enablement to key decision-makers and stakeholders and how to position sales enablement’s value to each of them in your organization
  • Job descriptions for key sales enablement roles
  • A guide for organizing your content and other existing resources to impact sales enablement success
  • A tool to objectively evaluate sales enablement technology providers
  • An ROI calculator to estimate impact of higher sales and marketing collaboration on potential new closed business
  • A framework for actively coordinating sales enablement execution between marketing and sales teams at all levels – management and front lines, inside and field sales, etc.

Customize these materials for your organization to accelerate sales enablement adoption, integration and results!  Download your copy here.