Want your sales team to be more productive?  Tools can help, but if you aren’t giving them accurate (and direct) phone numbers, it’ll take them a lot longer to do their job.

Bummed that your email response rates are going down? When’s the last time you looked at your delivery rate? How often are you refreshing and updating your database with more recent information?

If you’re arguing about who gets credit for new deals – sales vs marketing – it’s gonna be hard to answer that question if you aren’t capturing and reporting on the interactions actually happening prior to the sale (sometimes months and years in advance, across numerous channels – some digital, some offline).

These aren’t fundamentally productivity problems or copy problems or attribution problems.  These are all data problems.

The copy might be sexier, the creative might be more noticeable, the the technology might very well be missing.  But none of these can fulfill their potential without a solid underlying layer of data – input and output – to make them work and demonstrate their true value.

Whatever resources you’re putting into your data strategy and management effort, increase it.  Look at your key challenges and constraints in the sales pipeline as data problems first.  It’ll give you a new perspective and hopefully a new angle on how to fix them.