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Submitted by Robert Pease, Pipeline Performance Practice Lead, Heinz Marketing, Inc.

I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with my calendar and meetings.

Many companies ago, I actually earned a reputation as someone who “hated” meetings and wouldn’t go to them.

In my defense, meetings themselves are not bad.  Meetings with too many people, about things that don’t matter with no agenda or follow up items are bad.  It is actually possible to make a decision in the flow of work with the people who need to be involved in person or over the phone without scheduling a friggan meeting. But I digress…

Want better, tighter, more efficient meetings for your teams? Try Sunsama. They offer a coordinated and actionable calendaring platform that makes the really expensive time when human beings are sitting around a table (in person or virtual) more efficient, productive, and impactful.

Things that speak to me:

“Run structured, focused meetings”

“Keep everyone accountable after the meeting”

“Remember what you talked about”

If every meeting you attend has these attributes then congratulations, you’ve nailed it.  If you are like the other 99.99999% of work world then try Sunsama.