By Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing

“How I Work” is one of my favorite recurring features in Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series, and recently several sales experts (including  Anthony IannarinoDave Brock and Trish Bertuzzi) participated as well.

Periodically moving forward, we will feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here answering what have become the standard “How I Work” questions.  You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here.

This week I’m incredibly excited to feature Lisa Heay, a marketing consultant here at Heinz Marketing.  Lisa does incredible work for our clients, manages our own Marketo and marketing technology/attribution tech stack, and loves spending time at the beach with her family (not necessarily in that order).  She also loves impromptu karaoke.

Here in her own words is how she gets stuff done.

Location: I work out of the Heinz Marketing headquarters in Redmond, WA.

Current computers: A ThinkPad laptop that keeps me on my toes by freezing at least once per day. It’s been a good lesson in frequently saving my work!

Current mobile devices: My Android phone (a two or so year old Moto X Pure edition) never leaves my side, mostly because I have to be on alert for calls from daycare at any moment throughout the day. The most recent call was regarding my 4 year old son stuffing play-doh in his ears…

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?
Professional: Outlook, Marketo, SiftRock, Knak, Trello, LinkedIn, Slack
Personal: Facebook, Instagram, Trello, Gmail and Google Calendar, Overdrive, Fitbit

What’s your workspace like? Clean – I can’t handle clutter in my personal or professional life. I have a small glass top desk in the office with a standing desk podium on top that I can raise up when I feel like stretching my legs. I have a few pictures of my family, two plants, my headphones, and some lip balm sitting on my desk, and that’s about it.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut or lifehack? The Skimm – It’s a morning digest of world news written in a conversational and easy to understand tone. On a personal note – it’s taken me about 5 years to convince my husband we should hire a housecleaner, but I finally wore him down. It’s been a few months now, but I hope to never go back. I highly recommend it if you’re a working parent! We also take turns doing weekly meal planning in a shared Google Calendar which has been a huge time saver when it comes to shopping and meal prep.

What everyday thing are you better at than anybody else? I’d have to say copyediting—I’m a stickler for correct comma usage.

What’s your favorite to-do list manager? I recently discovered Trello and I love it. I have it pinned as a tab in my browser so it opens each morning, and I have the mobile app on my phone’s home screen. I use it for managing everything in my life – Heinz Marketing and client tasks, my personal to-do’s, house projects, gift ideas for people, personal reminders, motivators, and goals, things I want to do with my kids, etc. I’m embarrassed to admit that I used to manage my life via post-it notes, email reminders to myself, spreadsheets, Evernote, and Google Docs. It was complete chaos—Trello has really revolutionized the way I manage my life.

What do you listen to while at work? Usually Pandora – I have an embarrassing channel full of artists that I won’t name here. I listen at a pretty low volume – I get distracted otherwise. And I usually listen with only one earbud in so that I can hear what else may be going on in the office. I don’t want to miss any brilliant conversations my coworkers may be having or not notice if someone is talking to me.

What are you currently reading? I’m a full-time working mom of two boys – 4 and 2 years old. That doesn’t leave me a ton of time to read, and when I can, I fall asleep. However, I discovered that I like listening to audiobooks. I turn them on when I get ready in the morning, when I commute, when I cook dinner, and when I go to the gym. I listen via the Overdrive app connected to my local library. I’m currently listening to “Into the Water” by Paula Hawkins—it’s a new release written by the author of “Girl on the Train”.

What’s your sleep routine like? Sleep? My day really winds down around 9:30pm. Once the kids are in bed, lunches are packed, and dishes or whatever chore that needs to be done for the night is complete, I really should just go to bed right then. However, I need some “me” time to unwind and watch bad reality television, catch up on Facebook, or watch Game of Thrones with my husband. I tend to finally make it to bed around 11:00pm – sometimes later, leaving me with about 6.5 hours of sleep before I need to get up and do it all over again!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? “Just start.” I tend to overthink – especially at the beginning of a big project – and get overwhelmed by the thought of it as a whole. The best advice was from an old manager of mine, and it was “just start”. Chip away at it. Break it down into bite-sized pieces and just do something. It helps to get the ball rolling which is often the biggest hurdle to overcome. That was several years ago, but I still reflect on that conversation if I start to feel overwhelmed tackling a project I’m not sure about.

Anything else you want to add? Thanks for including me in such great “How I work” company!

Fill in the Blank: I’d love to see BLANK answer these questions. Brenna Lofquist with Heinz Marketing – she’s a big “How I Work” fan – it’d be great to find out if she’s taken tips from previous posts and applied them to her own life. Plus, she says she’s in bed by 9pm each night, which I think is kind of amazing.