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Submitted by Robert Pease, Pipeline Performance Practice Lead, Heinz Marketing, Inc.

These days, data seems to be the center of the sales and marketing universe.

How to collect it, refine it, examine it, and make good use out of it.  As is the case with data, collecting it is often much easier than using it.  Often the effort is not in the collection of the data but in the standardization, normalization, and then finally the interpretation of it.

Openprise is an interesting company aiming at “data automation” for CRM and Marketing Automation platforms.  To me, they are the “meta-layer” between the underlying data and the applications making use out of it. Being positioned at this point of the stack not only provides for better overall data hygiene but the ability to detect signals from the data and extract sales engagement triggers.  Cool stuff….

Here’s a quick overview video and you can request a demo on their site.