This is the latest in a series of weekend posts highlighting a wide variety of applications we think are pretty cool. Most have to do with sales, marketing and productivity. Check out past featured apps here.

I recently came across a Chrome extension I hadn’t seen before – Loom.  It enables you to record quick videos for a multitude of purposes—and it’s easy: one click to record, one to finish, and a publicly shareable URL is automatically added to your clipboard.  And the best part?  It’s free.

Right off the top of my head I can think of tons of use cases for a tool like this.  It’s perfect for sharing sales demos with prospects, training colleagues, communicating with clients, sharing company announcements, student presentations, etc.  Sometimes it just takes too long to write instructions in a way that would clearly communicate your message when a video would accomplish the same task more clearly and efficiently.

Loom logo

Record yourself, your screen, or both.  Loom produces high-quality video, provides embed HTML, in MP4 format.  It’s flexible, accessible, and easy. Check it out!