By Rebecca Smith, Senior Marketing Consultant for Heinz Marketing

In the last two years, content marketing has become one of the main marketing initiatives in terms of both development and marketing spend.  With that being said, how do you actually get your content in front of the right people at the right time?  It’s become a challenge for B2B marketers across the board.

Gone are the days where you can simply create content and people will show up. There’s a lot more to it than that and many in 2018 are going to start prioritizing their distribution and promotion efforts. And with more and more people jumping on the bandwagon, you’ll have to work even harder to get your content seen.

The following articles have some great insight to how to create and distribute content that packs a punch.

9 Content Marketing Trends to Look Forward to in 2018

Whether you’re ready for the New Year yet or not, Neil Patel has got you covered. From looking all  the way back to 2015 up until now, Neil Patel has dug deep into what worked, what didn’t work and what’s going to work next year.

6 Steps to Create Content that Converts

Content is completely and utterly useful if you aren’t getting conversions. Checking the vanity metrics like clicks and web visits is fine and good, but if you aren’t getting conversions, how can you better frame your content so your lead are more likely to become customers?  Take these actionable steps from Michael Brenner and see the conversions start flying in.

Content Distribution, Promotion and You: A Marketer’s Guide

Sasha Laferte of Curata gathered together all of the best ways to distribute your content to the right audience. And, she even gives proof and rationale to her suggestions. It’s worth a look as you plan for 2018.

8 Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year…and Always

The 8 mistakes may be from the beginning of the 2017, but they are still just as important going into 2018. As you reflect on 2017, did you fall into the trap of any of these 8 mistakes?  Take a look at Karrie Sundbom’s list and be honest with yourself now so you can better plan for next year.

2018 Content Marketing Outlook: It’s Not as Rosy as You Think

Are you measuring your content effectively?  We’ve seen an increase in focus in content marketing each year, but we’ve also found that 70% of people are not confident in their ability to actually measure their content marketing effectiveness. Now, there’s a bad gap. Take a look at the numbers our own Maria Geokezas dug up.

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