By Joshua Baez, Marketing Coordinator for Heinz Marketing

Your marketing personas are the backbone to any effective marketing strategy.  They allow you to be more targeted, more intentional, and more strategic not only when it comes to who you’re targeting, but also when it comes to what you offer, say, and the channels you use to disseminate your content.  Assets become more personal, messaging becomes more meaningful, and your overall marketing strategy goes from something otherwise generic to a highly-targeted, thoughtful approach to accelerating your pipeline.

To make the most of your outreach efforts, you need detailed, impactful marketing personas.  So where do you begin?  If you want to improve your marketing personas for 2018, here are a few resources to help you hit the ground running.

Quick and Dirty Guide for Creating Actionable Content Marketing Personas

Understanding your buyer will only help make your marketing efforts more successful, but it’s difficult to know where to begin, let alone how to even tell if your personas offer useful information to your marketing team.  Luckily, Jodi Harris of the Content Marketing Institute has some thoughts on creating actionable, effective personas.

4 Big Mistakes You Might Be Making with Your Marketing Personas

Personas are essential to any successful marketing campaign, but creating a set of personas that actually deliver value back to you is easier said than done.  But, whether you’re creating a set of new ones or going back to improve on what you have now, Hally Pinaud of Marketo has some tips to share to ensure your marketing personas work for you.

The Biggest Priorities for 62 Buyer Personas

Every prospect has a different set of objectives, needs, wants, likes, and dislikes, and though there’s no sure-fire way to know the ins and outs of every single person you’re targeting, you can make your job a little easier with the help of buyer personas.  Aja Frost of Hubspot shares her tips.

B2B and Content Personalization: Where We Are, Where We’re Heading

Perhaps the most powerful part of a marketing persona strategy is the ability to deliver highly-personalized content through highly-targeted means.  You know the channels each persona prefers, the type of content they’re most responsive to, and, most importantly, the topics they’re most interested in.  Sherice Jacob shares her take on where personalized content is heading – check it out.

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