By Rebecca Smith, Senior Marketing Consultant for Heinz Marketing

For whatever reason, Marketing and Sales tend to work in silos, and it’s been like this for ages. However, both groups are focused towards the same overall goals.

When it comes to leads, the blame game tends to surface. Marketing provides leads to Sales who then says “They’re not of high enough quality” and Marketing then says “Sales just isn’t closing them”…it’s a vicious cycle. And it’s likely not anyone’s fault.  It’s about finding the balance and how to get these two teams to work together.

And when you have that balance, you’ll see improved conversion rates, higher sales productivity and better overall revenue outcomes.

The following articles have some great insight to how to enable marketing and sales to work closer together.

Why is Your Sales Team Underperforming?  Diagnose before You Prescribe

Many times, we jump to conclusions and make assumptions about why something isn’t working without actually digging to get to the answer. Lauren Shepherd talks through some of the steps to research and diagnose before jumping to conclusions.

Sales Tools that Actually Matter: Building Your Playbook

It doesn’t matter how many sales reps you have, you need to have efficient and useful tools for your sales reps to monitor, track and engage with prospects. Alana Ballon analyzed and gave us a great list for Marketing and Sales both to take advantage of.

3 Expert Opinions on Sales and Marketing Alignment

Marketing and Sales don’t always see eye-to-eye, but one study proved that with Marketing and Sales are aligned, you can find a 67% increase in closed.  Morgan Laskey interviewed 3 experts and gathered some great tips on how to help your teams work together.

Align Your Marketing Message with Your Target

We can’t talk about Marketing and Sales working together without touching on content and delivering the right message. Take a look at one of Kendra Lee’s first-hand experiences with a client.

From Sales Enablement to Sales Empowerment, Part 1: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Our own, Josh Baez, dug deep into how to think about sales enablement so we can tactically implement in our organization. It turns out it’s all about empowerment.

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Sales Enablement

A sales enablement program is critical to ensure success in their go-to-market strategies. Savo and Heinz Marketing developed this guide to help you get started.

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