As we wind down January, many companies on a calendar fiscal year are completing their sales kickoffs and basking in the after-glow.  But new research tells us that said after-glow is short-lived and quite possibly misguided to begin with.

According to a survey from Brainshark, 71% of companies fail to provide follow-up and/or reinforcing training based on what was initially presented or learned at SKO.  A full three-quarters of companies don’t record or share SKO presentations for future playback and reference.

Twenty-eight percent of companies don’t even make the slides available.

If your company just put a ton of resources into kicking off the new sales year, how do you ensure that the enthusiasm and focus extends into execution and well into the full year?

The research had some interesting recommendations for SKO planners as well.  Top five requests for future SKOs included (in this order):

  1. Follow-up training
  2. More interactivity
  3. Follow-through on SKO themes throughout the year
  4. Training and/or coaching BEFORE SKO
  5. More engaging presentations

The good news is that there are many more SKOs to come, and yours is by definition less than a year away.  Plenty of time to make it more impactful.

See more findings and recommendations from Brainshark’s SKO research here.