Leaving politics out of the discussion, journalism is alive and well.  Printed newspapers may be in decline, but great reporting and content is in more demand than ever.

If you’re a sports fan and not reading The Athletic, you are missing out on some of the best sports journalism today.  They’ve pulled together some of the best writers in all of the major sports, with deeper in-depth coverage of sports in several of the nation’s largest markets as well as many of the most popular collegiate sports programs.

The Athletic was a daily read for me during the college football season – not only for coverage of my beloved University of Washington Huskies but also for the app’s weekly columns highlighting the business of college football, a weekly critique of how it’s covered on television and more.

As baseball spring training heats up, I’m already hooked on The Athletic’s beat writer for the Chicago Cubs as well as their world-class national columnists.

And as great as their coverage is, the user experience on their app is fantastic.  Tons of intuitive features that make it easy to engage with the content you want, save content for later, etc.

For years, it’s been local newspapers that have had the best coverage of local sports teams.  But now, The Athletic is giving them a run for their money.

Definitely worth checking out.