By Sheena McKinney, Executive Assistant at Heinz Marketing

With the onset of warmer weather and the ending of the school year upon us, travel plans are likely on your mind and on your to do list.

To help make your travel as carefree as possible, consider the following list of travel apps top business leaders can’t live without…. whether traveling for business, pleasure or both!

As part of our weekly “How I Work” series, we asked sales and marketing leaders “What is your most essential app when traveling?  Here are a handful to consider (and their “why”).

  • Deb Calvert, author of the best-selling book Stop Selling & Start Leading I need them all! Uber – hotels – airlines – Yelp – Google maps… Couldn’t imagine traveling without these anymore.
  • Ali Selbo, chief experience officer for Tegrita Consulting GroupYelp, Slack and SleepMachine. Yelp for a good recommendation for food and drink to keep me happy, Slack keeps me connected to the team on the go and SleepMachine creates a continual soft white noise, which helps drown out hotel and airport noise to get the best shut eye in new environments.
  • Tricia Montgomery, a long-time marketing executive who now serves as an interim CMO for fast-growth companies.  I use two – Uber and yelp.
  • Amanda Levine, content marketing manager for PathFactorySlack for work and Maps for life.
  • Suzanne Calderon, Global Partner Marketing Director at Oracle Marketing Cloud.  Uber is a given and then Yelp because I love great restaurants and don’t like wasting time and money at ones that aren’t. New places mean exploration and I love to explore food!
  • Michele Aymold, VP of Marketing at Parker Dewey Facebook – I’m lucky to have friends all over so a quick post for suggestions helps me find things to do, places to eat, and coordinate meet-ups.
  • President of Duct Tape MarketingJohn JantschTripIt – old school almost now days but I still use it​.
  • Andrew Warren-Payne, managing director of Market2MarketersTripit, which is great for just sending flights and hotels and all puts it together in one place, makes it really easy.
  • Jen Zug, a phenomenal writer who has helped organizations in a wide variety of industries improve their communications and storytelling.  Yelp. I love to find bars and restaurants the locals love.
  • Ray Rebello, Director of Product Marketing for Acumatica I use Google search for so many things and I would miss that if I no longer had it.
  • Barb Mosher Zinck, CEO at BMZ Content Strategies.  Messages – to keep in touch with the family.
  • Mark Sims, founder and CEO of Fikes ProductsIn terms of most essential I’d have to say Google Maps because whether it’s domestically or internationally I find it crazy accurate to get me from point A to B!
  • Aaron Harden, director of sales at Apex Facility Resources.  The maps app for sure. I really am a map nerd and like to know the layout of a city, building, park, etc. in my head before I go. I like knowing where I am at all times.
  • Meg Goetsch, vice president of revenue operations at JW PlayerWhen traveling for work Gmail and Slack apps are the most essential and whatever travel service I am using for the trip.
  • Jeff Anderson, founder of Evergreen Market in Seattle.  Google Maps.  I hate getting lost OR asking for directions.
  • Bethany Fagan, content marketing manager for PandaDoc.   Apple Wallet (I hate paper boarding passes because I work for a paperless company) and Expensify so I don’t have to keep every receipt.
  • Mark Nardone, EVP and Principal for PAN CommunicationsOneDrive, LinkedIn, Skype/Teams, Zoom
  • Dave Derington, Director of User Enablement at Azuqua.  Slack – to keep up with everyone!
  • Dave Collier who is the General Manager, Americas of OTA Insight Uber (if available).
  • Deidre Moore, director of demand generation for TimeTrade.  Google Maps (especially subway and walking directions when I’m in NYC—genius!) Some favorite podcasts also made a summer of traveling to visit colleges with my son a little lighter, and started some great conversations as well.
  • Jonathan Smalley is the CEO and Founder of YaguaraSlack: It’s how I communicate with our team when I’m traveling. Slack makes it easy to leave myself a note or send one to the team when I’m running between meetings.
  • Peter Marcia, CEO of YouDecideI can’t choose one! Apple Music, Timepage,
  • Rakhi Voria, chief of staff of inside sales at Microsoft.  GlobeConvert for currency conversion.
  • Caroline Klatt who is the Co-founder and CEO of Headliner LabsWaze. I simply don’t understand how we drove around new cities without it.
  • Scott Edmonds, VP of Sales at Helpshift.  Google Maps.
  • Jo-Anne Jaspan, founder of Jaspan Consulting.  Tinder ( kidding !! ) … Spotify, Audible and Podcasts, along with a good set of noise cancelling headphones. Oh – and Universal Translator (you know, for when I visit the deep South or New Jersey).
  • Patrick Welch, President & CMO at Bigtincan.  Depends on where I’m traveling, but apps like the American Airlines or Marriott applications are critical for me.

Wherever life takes you, safe and happy travels!