By Kayla Beard, Marketing Intern at Heinz Marketing

With the rise of social media in the last few decades, editing photos has become more prominent than ever before. While there are many different types and motives for editing, it has become a norm in our society. Have you ever edited a photo? What if you could edit a photo to make it come to life? Enlight Pixaloop allows any user to animate part of their photo. This application, released in 2018, is the newest addition to the Enlight Creativity Suite, a group of editing apps. However, Enlight Pixaloop is unlike any app I’ve ever used before. 

I first discovered this app a couple months ago while completing a final for one of my classes. My final project was to create and portray a current controversial political issue on some sort of artistic medium. I chose to portray my issue through an image. When trying to find a unique way to create my image, I discovered Englight Pixaloop. Whether you’re using this to create an advertisement, complete an art class, or just for fun, Enlight Pixaloop is an app that takes editing to a different level. It animates any image by bringing certain parts of the photo to life.  

There are many different features this app provides. One of my favorite features is the ability to animate the sky and bodies of water. It completely transforms the photo as it allows the photo to feel real. Additionally, this app allows you to animate smaller part as well such as hair, a candle, or a butterfly. The control is in YOUR hands for what YOU want to do; You have complete artistic control of what you want the picture to look like. This app is not only free, but very self explanatory. All of the buttons on the bottom, similar to any other editing app, clearly indicate its’ purpose. I highly recommend checking out this app, whether it’s to use in your personal or professional life.