By Lisa Heay, Marketing Planning Manager at Heinz Marketing

You know the feeling when you get home from a long day at work and you know there was something you needed to do? Maybe it was your kid’s school picture form. Wait, was there a bill due tomorrow? Is it our turn for snacks at soccer this weekend? But you’re exhausted and if you’re like me, can’t seem to get organized enough to know what way is up after a long day at work.

That’s where Trello comes in.

Trello logo

At its core, Trello is an online tool for managing projects and tasks. But it goes beyond list writing—it’s a collaborative and visual way to organize your personal and work tasks across boards, lists, and cards. Within your cards, you can add links for more information, categorize your cards with labels, assign deadlines and owners, and add comments. And it’s easy to drag and drop cards across your board and even move cards to other boards you own.

You can access it through your internet browser or mobile app. I have it open all day, every day! And best of all? It’s free.

Trello board


I’ve known about Trello for awhile now and have used it a bit haphazardly in the past. I had one board labelled “Lisa” and had about 17 unorganized columns, each with a laundry list of tasks and reminders to myself. Just looking at it left me feeling even more overwhelmed.

However, I recently sat down and made boards for every aspect of my life that I needed help organizing, and it’s been life changing. I made separate boards for work, home projects, kids, vacation planning, gift ideas, and holidays. I still have my personal board, but it truly is personal to me now – dentist appointments I need to schedule, haircuts, and projects I want to work on for me.

In addition, I have a board that I share with my husband where we have a column for each day of the week, and a “To Do” and “Done” column. We sit down together each week for a pow-wow where we’ll plan out the upcoming week. We’ll map out the upcoming events and appointments and decide what the priorities are. We’ll then move cards from our “To-Do” column and schedule them on specific days. This way, instead of one person having to keep track of the soccer snacks, the bills, the school events, the birthdays, etc., we divide and conquer. It sounds geeky, I know—but it’s been a game changer for our busy lives. Check it out!