I’ve been an avid user of Venmo and similar apps like Zelle, Cash App, and PayPal—all which are used to pay friends, family, and whoever else. I started to run into an issue where I’d be with a group of people and someone would pay for dinner and another person would pay for drinks. It was getting to be a hassle paying one person X dollars but then subtracting a purchase I paid for from a charge from another person.

Here’s another example. Earlier this year, my roommate and I moved into a new apartment and each of us were paying for things like new furniture, décor, the moving truck, etc. We would either put everything into Excel or charge each other back and forth on Venmo. Realistically this is a minor issue and usually requires simple math or an additional step however, we discovered Tricount which made things 100 times easier.

Tricount is a mobile app that helps to organize expenses with more than one person whether that’s friends, coworkers/colleagues, roommates, family, etc. The app is very easy to use and makes collecting/logging expenses a piece of cake.

Getting setup is easy. After you download the app, create a new Tricount and invite participants. Then you’re ready to start adding expenses. If you have more than one person in your Tricount you can select if the expense is for one person or for everyone. You can even deselect yourself if someone owes you money instead of splitting a charge. You can keep the Tricount going for as long as you’d like and once your ready to pay out, the app will do all the math for you and let you know who owes who and how much—it’s as simple as that!

I’ve found this app to be especially helpful while traveling and vacationing with friends and living with a roommate. You can even use it to track your own expenses if you don’t like keeping track of receipts. Check out their website to learn more about all the features!

What other apps have you used to track/organize expenses?