By Stephanie Carrillo, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Living in the age of content marketing we rely on content to not only help drive visitors to our website, we use it to help nurture leads in our pipeline. When is the last time you took an audit of your content or looked at the metrics behind your resource center?


An ongoing theme I see when performing a content audit for a client is missing top of funnel content. Top of funnel content is about awareness and less about your company’s solution or product. Top funnel content is the time in the buyer’s journey to show your customers your thought leadership and is a starting point in building a relationship of trust. Top of the funnel content can include things like tip sheets, white papers, eBooks, or checklists.


Another part of the audit is reviewing the content to see if you have enough material for the entire buying committee. Business decision makers and end users have entirely different needs and pain points, try to have content that addresses both needs.


As marketers, we get busy, but it’s essential to keep track of your website metrics to see how your resource center is performing What are your top downloads or link clicks? What content is driving the most conversions? Is your resource center easy to navigate?


If you are spending money to drive leads to a landing page, you should be reviewing the exit rate to look for problems. Maybe you’re not driving the right qualified traffic to the page or the experience is not optimal. Investing in a heat map tool like Crazyegg or Clicktale can be valuable in seeing e how customers are interacting with your page, how they are navigating, and determining where they stop reading or scrolling. Use heatmaps and analytic tools to improve the performance of your resource center.


As a digital marketer, conducting a content audit and tracking the performance of your resource center is equally important. Digital marketing is all about making adjustments to your current program to generate efficiencies and improvements.