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The new year is rapidly approaching, and marketers are on the hunt for more budget, stronger skillsets and new strategies to bring their ideas to fruition. With this in mind, PAN Communications presents its 3rd annual CMO Predictions campaign, designed to assess the industry landscape and provide marketers with a look at upcoming challenges and trends.

This year’s campaign features over 20 leading CMOs and marketing influencers sharing their top budget priorities and marketing challenges. Content marketing and data were two recurring and prominent themes, with over 70% of predictions participants citing data or analytics as a key driver of evaluating content, customer experiences and overall strategies for the coming year. Omni-channel and email marketing were also re-emerging topics from previous years.

The marketer’s role in leveraging advocacy programs to build brand awareness became more prominent in this year’s predictions. Without support from Voice of the Employee (VoE) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs, brands will forever lack the level of trust necessary to stand out in market.

And speaking of standing out – the number one challenge cited in this year’s predictions was the ability to cut through the noise and deliver the level of customer experience that is demanded from today’s marketer. Content overload and information fatigue were two key reasons for this challenge, and marketers are allocating additional budget to help find more personalized, empathetic approaches to content marketing that touch on real customer pain points. The customer is no longer just a number in your marketing database – they’re human – treat them like it.

To learn more about the 2020 marketing landscape, check out the results and advice that this year’s participants shared below.

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