Who’s Libby?

If you’re into reading, she might just become your new best friend.

She’s a new app that enables you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local libraries with just a few clicks. The streaming (or downloading, whichever you prefer) is instantaneous. And did I mention the titles are all free because the app pulls from public libraries?

This app is especially great for anyone who likes to have the freedom to read at any time, in any place. Is there a long wait at the coffee shop? No problem, you’ve got a Libby eBook to keep you entertained! Driving home from work and you’re stuck in traffic? There’s no better time to listen to a book instead of reading it!

Libby helps you get your “me-time” for free, in an efficient and productive way. And with our busy lives, why not take all the help we can get?

Learn about Libby here for more info on its cool features.