By Matt Heinz, Founder and President of Heinz Marketing

Sales and marketing technology is a frequent villain and obstacle towards achieving optimal results if you listen to many of our colleagues and peers.  We either don’t have the right tools, don’t have enough tools or can’t get them to work the way we want them to.

The complaints continue: We can’t get tools integrated with each other, can’t get the sales team to use them effectively or consistently, just need those extra few features or integrations to really hum.

All legitimate complaints in their own right, but they don’t let you off the hook.  I have yet to meet a company that has everything they need, all the budget they need, all the tools they would have and use in a “perfect” scenario.

There are awards in our industry that recognize companies that have the largest, most comprehensive sales and marketing technology stacks.  And I’ve seen companies with a fraction of their stack and budget create massive impact and sales pipeline contribution by starting, focusing on, sustaining and regularly improving on a good strategy.

Believe it or not, there was a day not too long ago when none of these tools existed.  Literally none of them.  And those marketers were still, inexplicably, expected to make their number!

Demand marketers still had to generate leads for their sales teams.  Sales teams still had to report on their progress, remember to follow-up with prospects and get proposals out.

Tools can create higher expectations, and for good reason.  But if the tools didn’t exist tomorrow, your objectives still would.  How would you adjust?  What’s your plan B?  And which of those adjustments and/or alternative plans should you consider using proactively?

Technology (or lack thereof) is an obstacle.  So is time.  So is focus.  So is office politics.  So is internal fire drills.

By all means, make a strong, impact-based case for more resources – including technology.  Demonstrate the business impact it can have, as well as the opportunity cost to the business if you don’t get it.

Then be prepared to work, triage and deliver impact in either case.