That’s the question you have to ask yourself right now.

Amidst “shelter in place” orders, these typically include grocery stores, pharmacies, medical centers, gas stations – the basics.  Things we cannot live without.

For B2B, what does that include right now?  Teleconferencing tools?  Productivity and file-sharing systems?  Cybersecurity with an all-of-a-sudden complete remote workforce?

How about sales engagement tools for a suddenly all-remote sales team?  Where is the severe risk, fear, even panic right now? What is it about, where is it centered, what does it represent?

Your customers and prospects only care right now about a very narrow set of objectives.  “Nice to have” projects have zero chance of progressing for the time being.

I read last week that Michael’s (the arts & crafts store) had pitched itself as an essential service.  But could we survive without them for awhile?

What are you offering that your customers and prospects can’t survive without?