By Winfield Salyards, Marketing Coordinator at Heinz Marketing

As of this past week I have officially been at Heinz Marketing for 1 year, and what a weird year it has been. With all the things that have happened just in 2020 I can barely remember 2019. Because of that, I wanted to look at some of the things I have learned here framed through our company values: Results-driven, respectful, curious, creative, proactive, and generous. These provide an excellent framework for not only looking at how we work at Heinz Marketing, but also as a source to pull from for the way you work as a marketer.

Curious and Creative

One of the things I have enjoyed most about working here at Heinz Marketing is how curious and creative all my colleagues are. Everyone has a drive to delve deeper into a subject to understand it better, to understand our clients better and because of this it feeds their creativity. Curiosity and creativity have a positive symbiotic relationship with each other. It’s good if you nurture one of these, but if you nurture both together it’s even more beneficial.

As marketing consultants, we need to have the flexibility to dive into a subject related to a client, pull out the useful nuggets and build on them in a creative way. This is essential.

Generous and Proactive

When I first joined the company, my coworkers showed me incredible generosity by explaining things they were working on or giving me good feedback as a newbie to the group. Many were proactive in this, coming to me with an offer to show me something I didn’t know about or, didn’t know I wanted to learn about.

When brought together, generosity and proactiveness build off each other much like curiosity and creativity do. Being generous builds our sense of empathy and being empathetic helps you see moments to be proactive in supporting a client or a coworker. This sort of proactive generosity is an empathy generator, and empathy needs to be at the core of our marketing sense. What information does a lead need at different parts of the sales funnel? How can we best align with our sales team for a smooth hand off? These are the types of questions empathy supports.

Results-Driven and Respectful

Being result-driven and respectful may not seem like they go together at first but, when you dive into it, I believe they are important to group together, especially with what’s happening in the world today.

When building a strategy and goals for a client your team cannot give false promises to a client by handing off unmeasurable or unreasonable targets. It’s disrespectful to the client you are partnering with. On the flip side, if your client comes to you asking for the impossible you should have the respect to tell them you will try to make it happen but, also warn them of the possibilities of failure based on past results. Respect should also be applied to yourself.

Results drive our strategy and intent, but our attitudes should not only be driven by them. Throwing more time and resources into building a jackhammer out of feathers is never going to break down a wall; and using a powerful drill with an empty battery will never create a pilot hole. You need to the right resources, tools, and people. In this time of universal crisis, you need to have the respect for yourself to take the time you need to nurture that drive to produce good results. Without respecting and taking care of yourself you will not have the capacity to support your coworkers or clients in driving results.

I have loved this past year at Heinz Marketing. The people around me and the clients I have worked with so far have all taught me many things and helped me grow as a marketer. Here’s to many more.