By Win Salyards, Marketing Coordinator at Heinz Marketing

This week was B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange. This normally in-person B2B conference was forced to go fully virtual this year, but the content was just as poignant, especially the Monday keynote. The address covered two things: getting lost in the mire of metrics and marketing with compassion. I found this second point to be the most inspired. With all the frustration of 2020, everyone has seen the need and desire for empathy, compassion, and connection. This was also recently seconded by MarketingProfs in their whitepaper on how marketers respond in a crisis. A few primary key points were “respond with compassion” and “make your brand a beacon of optimism.” As we head into our third COVID peak this year and countries around the world begin to shut down again, it continues to be clear we need to lead with compassion and approach our customers with empathy.

But What is the Benefit?

Many may ask this, saying “shouldn’t we be tightening our belts, pivoting our campaigns, strengthening our digital presence, and eliminating spend on any lower ROI initiatives?” The answer is “yes and.”

YES, and you should be taking the time to approach your customers with compassion. Your customers become your greatest assets and ambassadors when they see you genuinely care about them.. Compassionate marketers build passionate customers. Compassionate businesses grow a passionate and loyal community of customers and partners. A community that adds value, allows you to develop with your customersand surprise and delight your customers. Here are some good places to start:

  • Check in with your customers and get a sense of what they need.
  • Invite key customers to round tables centered on building those connections between peers within your customer base.
  • Develop content that adds real value for your customers and prospects.
  • Set a clear and optimistic vision for the future of your customer community

Compassionate businesses build passionate customers.

Passionate customers turn into loyal customers. Loyal customers are consistent customers. And consistent customers get us through inconsistent times.

So, make pivots to your strategy as needed but make sure you and your teams are acting as compassionate marketers.  This is an important way you can build consistency through an unpredictable time.