Only 25% of B2B marketers report cost per lead?


2015-marketing-trends-opinions-survey-results-1-638By Robert Pease, CMO Practice Lead, Heinz Marketing

We spend a huge amount of time talking to and working with sales and marketing leaders.  We understand their challenges and work with them everyday to accelerate their efforts and help them drive more revenue.

We recently took a step back and did a broad survey of B2B marketing professionals on their thoughts, opinions, and plans for 2015.

It’s easy to get into the weeds of the day-to-day requirements of any job, so taking a few minutes to understand how others in your shoes run their departments, measure their success, and prioritize key activities is well worth the time…at least we think so.

We asked over 250 marketers to tell us about their plans and outlook for 2015.  We learned quite a bit including:

Marketing Budget:

  • 60% of marketers expect an increase
  • 35% expecting them to stay the same
  • 6% expect a decline

Top Priority Across All Company Sizes

  • Improving the quality of leads generated
  • Proving the financial outcome/ROI of marketing activities

Most Commonly Reported Marketing Metric:

  • Number of leads generated (68% of respondents)

Least Commonly Reported Marketing Metrics:

  • Cost per lead (25%)
  • Cost per customer (22%)

Between Marketing & Sales, # of respondents reported having no agreed upon definition of a qualified lead:

  • 31%

 Manual Spreadsheets Created By:

  • 59% of marketing automation users
  • 65% for non-marketing automation users

Here is a full summary presentation about the survey and results.  Please feel free to download and share!