6 Applications to Enable Your Sales Team on a Budget


By Sachi Enseki-Tom, Intern at Heinz Marketing

If you’re a start-up looking for some fundamental tools to help get your sales engine going, here are 6 applications that can help enable your sales team that won’t break the bank. Each of these applications focus on optimizing your sales process through improving communication and engagement amongst your team and your customers. These applications cover a broad range of tools you can use that we’ve found help increase productivity within a business.

  1. Slack Communication is essential for boosting productivity and collaboration in B2B sales, especially in a team setting. Slack provides team members with a centralized communication platform that is easily accessed from wherever your sales team may be. It enables small teams to stay connected with their leads for free or larger teams to stay connected for as little as $6.67/month.
  2. Zoom Utilizing video conferencing software, like Zoom, enables sales teams to cut down on travel expenses and better spend their time holding meetings, conferences, or webinars online at any time of day. Whether you’re sharing your screen for a presentation, or wanting to conduct a long-distant meeting, Zoom enables teams to connect with leads at their convenience with a freemium option that includes hosting a meeting with up to 1,000 participants, or their Pro package perfect for small teams at the cost of $14.99/month.
  3. MailChimp Anyone looking to create a successful email campaign should use this very cost-effective marketing platform application for email marketing. In just a few seconds, you are able to design and use templates and gain data to measure the effectiveness of your outbound emails. It also has the features to sync customer data, bring your brand to life, and turn your data into insights. With their free service you get all the basic features to help your business grow. If you are looking to expand the available features, their Essential package starts at $9.99/month providing additional support amongst others.
  4. Hunter Hunter allows users to find verified email addresses of your prospects using their name, business, or company website. In a matter of seconds, you are able to connect with the most important prospects for your company starting with the freemium option that includes 50 requests/month or the starter package for $34/month.
  5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator LinkedIn is a business employment-oriented service that offers a network of millions of working individuals all over the world. This tool provided by Linkedin allows users to build custom lists, perform advanced lead searches, and extended LinkedIn access for maximizing all prospecting and lead generation. Starting at $64.99/month, this plan is perfect for working professionals and teams who are looking to expand their network, increase pipeline, and close deals.
  6. SalesForce This CRM platform provides teams with a variety of ways to track clients whether they are part of a larger company or a team of five. Businesses are able to find, win, and retain customers as the platform grows with your team’s success. SalesForce starts at about $25/month for small businesses and allows teams to track and gather data on how long they’ve spent working with their client, create custom reports, track emails and meetings, and more.

We’ve found these applications very cost-effective and can be used to help boost any business’s sales engine. We would love to hear about any other applications you use or would recommend for a start-up business on a budget looking to improve their sales productivity.