7 Ways to Spread the Word About Your Awesome Customer Case Study


By Robert Pease, head of CMO Practice for Heinz Marketing

A good friend’s company recently completed their first customer case study and he pinged me on what to do now that it is published.  Content creation is definitely important (and challenging) but how you distribute it these days makes all the difference in the world.  I shared the following with him via email and thought it good content to share with everyone on this question:

Congratulations, you have a customer saying how awesome your product or service is.  Now what?

  1. Send an email campaign showcasing it – you do have a house email list, right? Use a product like MailChimp to get the word out via email.
  2. Put it on your website and then add it to the signature block in all of your emails as a hyperlink so that every email you send is an opportunity to showcase the customer as well as drive traffic to your site.
  3. Put it into a few Powerpoint slides then upload it to Slideshare.  Send that link instead of an attachment next time.  Put your standard pitch presentation on the same branded account so that your content is easily consumed and shared.
  4. Create a summary of video of the situation/challenge/solution including ROI metrics. Upload it to your company’s YouTube page.  You can also add this to the email campaign and signature block as noted above.  Keep it to about a minute and half as we live in an increasingly short attention span society.  Use this video (and others) to help people understand what you do and the value you deliver.
  5. Pitch it to press/bloggers/influencers that cover your space to demonstrate how much you rock (you do have a press/influencer list, don’t you?).  If you don’t have one, create it.  Anybody can publish these days so there is no excuse to not get coverage…regardless of the publication.
  6. Push it through your own personal social channels (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc) in addition to any work ones.  We all have social graphs that we can spread our good news to – just don’t over do it as people will tune you out.  A little good news every now and then about your work life is worth sharing…and reading.
  7. Get the profiled customer to push it through their communication channels like any upcoming executive presentations where the data or innovative approach would be relevant and/or differentiating.  If you are a small company and they are a large one, they will have many more opportunities to pitch the success.  Target being part of their standard pitch…or at least ones related to the solution area you play in.

There are definitely additional ways to get the word out but this list is my quick thoughts on it. What would you add?