A Poem for the New Year


By Sheena McKinney, Executive Assistant to President Matt Heinz at Heinz Marketing

As the year comes to an end, it’s only fitting we stop to reflect
On the good, the bad and even the ugly we’d much rather deflect

They say it’s amazing what a difference a year can make
True, but maybe there’s another approach we should take

Ask ourselves instead, what difference did we impart
To what extent and to what degree did we do our part?

To make the world a better place right where we are
Right where we live and even for those who are far

We underestimate the impact we have and make
We may never know what fully is at stake

Our actions and words, both seen and unseen
To someone all the difference in the world, they may mean

If you could have done better, upon further reflection
Start this new year with renewed intention

Forget the past, resolve to overcome all tensions
Work toward giving grace and be thankful in your mentions

Easier said than done, but worth the effort you can give
Especially for those with whom you daily work and live

Let’s embrace the new year and look forward with anticipation
To love more a give more grace to people in every station

Let’s give respect where respect is due, if only in position
Let’s endeavor to support all our leaders during this transition

We don’t have to agree with or even like a given person
But negativity and nastiness seem only to make things worsen

Try harder to see things from other peoples’ perspective
It can only help– Now isn’t that a better elective?

For all the lives lost this year and those who’ve passed away
Let’s do our best to honor them and ensure their legacy will stay

This year, let’s prioritize self-care, it’s not as selfish as it seems
Nourish body, mind, and soul giving as much time as it deems

We have more to give when we’re both filled and refreshed
Let’s exercise our muscles (physical and not), and put them to the test

You’ll be stronger for it and you’ll feel much better too
Again, not just in body but in spirit you’ll be a much healthier you

Work to keep things simple and learn to live with less
You’ll appreciate things more and reduce a lot of mess

So say goodbye to the year about to pass, it is all but done
And greet the new year coming and try to have more fun!