A short Q3 evaluation & Q4 checklist for B2B marketers


Next week is October.  And Q4.  The quarter before 2016.

Deep breath…..

Some questions to help you evaluate, prepare and execute:

  • What adjustments have we made this year with positive results, and what does that mean for Q4 priorities and 2016 plan/budget?
  • What adjustments haven’t panned out? How do we adjust or ramp those efforts down in Q4?
  • What are the organization’s current priorities?  How will those impact 2016 priorities and how do we get a head start on those in our Q4 priorities, plans, objectives?
  • If our CFO asked for a 2016 budget tomorrow, what would we include?  Should we test or trial or evaluate those in Q4 or at minimum October?
  • Has our target customer changed?  Do we understand the internal buying ecosystem and/or consensus required to get more sales or higher conversions? Do our marketing and messaging and sales enablement efforts support that?
  • Are we measuring what matters?  Are we proud of the metrics we present to the management team relative to revenue responsibility and sales pipeline contribution?
  • Can I make a business case for everything we’re doing currently?  Can I make a business case for the new dollars I need for Q4 and 2016?  How do I demonstrate a clear path to revenue from marketing efforts – directly or indirectly?