Why You’re [Still] Further Behind on Account Based Marketing than You Think #ABM


By Robert Pease, Pipeline Performance Practice Lead at Heinz Marketing

A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog post “Why you’re further behind on account based marketing than you think” here on the Heinz Marketing blog.  Go read it. I’ll wait.

So, what has changed in a year?  Well, a quick Google “what is” question shows me the following:

Looks like we’ve gone from “Account Based Marketing” to “Account Based Sales” to “Account Based Sales Development” to our ultimate destination of “Account Based Everything.”

Great. What does that mean?

While our language and description may have evolved and expanded, our operational reality is still lagging.  What do I mean by that?  Just embracing a concept does not make it real in your business and a priority for your team.

If marketing is still focused on generating as many leads as possible without a focused, methodical approach to reach certain people in certain target accounts, you are behind.

If lead quality is still a point of contention between sales and marketing, you are behind.

If conversion rates from lead to opportunity and opportunity to close are stagnant or declining, you are behind.

Want to not only catch up but get ahead on your account-based marketing?

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