Act like you’ve been there


There is no elevator on the path to success. You have to take the stairs.

I heard a version of this somewhere, wish I could find an original source, but I do like it a lot.

This statement I believe is important for several reasons:

First, it means success requires hard work.  There are no shortcuts. Most people, businesses and initiatives we think of as “overnight successes” have actually been at it for a long time, grinding, getting up early, failing, getting up and trying again.

Second, it means you get there the slow way.  You see every step, every floor. This helps you appreciate success once you achieve it, but also appreciate what it took to get you there.  The stairs help keep you humble, recognizing the achievement of a new floor but knowing there are more stairs to go.  Act like you’ve been there, put your hard hat back on, and keep going.

Third, it means not everyone is going to be willing to put in that work.  To make the extra phone call, stay a little later, volunteer for another project, put themselves (their time, reputation and track record) at risk to achieve something new, something better.  Not everyone is willing to pay that price, put in that much work.  Not everyone is willing to take the stairs.

Fourth, the stairs make you stronger.  Every floor, one by one, increases your resiliency, courage, stamina and confidence to keep climbing.

I hate the stairs. I love the stairs. And I will keep climbing.

I hope you take a break over the next two weeks to enjoy friends and family and blessings, then keep climbing as well.