Is your marketing automation initiative sitting on the back burner?


By Rebecca Smith, Heinz Marketing Internback burner

One of the greatest opportunities we have now is the ability to be on the web wherever and whenever we want. Now let’s make that even better and not have to be. Marketing automation, when done correctly, can save you time by executing tedious tasks for you without manual input for each task. It refers to a broad range of automation for lead generation, lead scoring, demand generation, etc. as well as analytic tools.

While all of those would be great to be able to simply click a button, and have the whole process mapped out for you, it doesn’t work that way. Obviously marketing cannot just be “automated” by simply using technology. It takes understanding, tweaking, and learning how to build a process that will deliver the results you want to see. And the most important asset for any marketing automation initiative are the people behind the process.

If you are unsure on how to successfully implement marketing automation into your business, check out this guide on the 4 Pillars of Successful Marketing Automation Initiatives. It effectively divides up the four main concentrations of how to implement a strategy to fit into your business. Even if you’re not thinking about using marketing automation right now, maybe this will instill some ideas into your head for the future. Regardless, you’ll always have this guide to look back on.

Just remember, the promise of marketing automation is very real, but so is the effort made.


Download the Four Pillars of Successful Marketing Automation Initiatives here: