Attend a two-day conference in 30 minutes.


If you, like me, couldn’t attend last week’s Word of Mouth Basic Training conference in Orlando, you can still catch up on all the fantastic learnings – for organizations big and small – here. Several highly-efficient bloggers have summarized most of the sessions down to very salient, actionable points.

Do yourself a favor and reserve 30 minutes to read through the posts. I guarantee it’ll either give you new ideas for your business and/or brand, or re-energize you to do the things you know you need to do.

I’ve noticed lately that many marketing and business conferences are immediately available to those who didn’t make the trek via blogs and other “attendee marketers” who publish their extensive meeting notes. It’s a great way to quickly learn what you may have missed, but it also begs the question – what if people stop attending in the first place?

Some of these conferences could literally start taking place online, and inn the real estate industry one conference already does. But many of the best conferences are worth the networking alone, so taxi lines and expense reports won’t dry up quite yet.