Be For What Is


Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I’ve just recently discovered the wisdom of one Roy H. Williams. Some of you may know him by his other name, the self-titled “Wizard of Ads”.

The man makes a LOT of sense. Check out his Web site, and his Monday Morning Memo to find out first-hand.

This past week, Roy wrote about two seemingly-opposite concepts.

1) The need to “be for what is” to accomplish your goals despite the reality of obstacle, roadblocks and difficulties; and
2) The need to “be the crank with a new idea” if tomorrow is going to be better than today.

From Roy’s first book The Wizard of Ads:

“Weasels are everywhere, incessantly singing their sad little song: If Only. ‘If only I had a better education.’ ‘If only my boss liked me better.’ ‘If only I had married someone else.’ ‘If only I had invested in Chrysler when it was fifty cents a share…’ There’s a little weasel in all of us, and that weasel needs to be slapped. When your ears hear your lips start to sing the Song of the Weasel, you must learn to immediately slap the weasel within.”

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