Your biggest, most powerful competitor is apathy


Most of your lost deals don’t go to a competitor.  They go to nothing.


Your prospect doesn’t choose someone else.  They choose to do nothing.

Oftentimes this is for a good reason.  Timing isn’t right, budget has dried up, other initiatives are a priority.  This is going to happen.  It’s why we call it a sales funnel, not a sales cylinder.

But I guarantee you’re also losing deals to nothing because you’ve failed to communicate the value translation.  The prospect doesn’t understand that what you’re selling is a need to have vs. a nice to have based on the outcomes you represent.

If you’re confusing them with features instead of clearly communicating how you can make them better, they might choose to do nothing.

If you assume that they’re translating your story effectively to others who require approval or hold the purse strings, you’ve lost control of that value translation with the decision makers that matter most.

If you assume prospects got your email, if you assume they’re thinking rationally, if you assume they know what you know….you get where this is going.

Unless the cost of change is lower than the cost of staying the same, you will lose.  Flip that balance and you’ll start closing more deals.