Black Friday for B2B?


I’m not going to begrudge anybody for taking the four-day weekend off.  But this weekend likely represents a significant sales & marketing opportunity in some B2B segments.

A report by Mashable last night showed that the majority of us are checking work email during holidays.  I’d imagine that volume is significantly higher on a day like Black Friday, with overall inbound email significantly lower than the average workday.  Would your message have a better likelihood of getting read this weekend?

You might not have any luck closing business or getting contracts signed the day after Thanksgiving, but what about getting commitment to attend a Webinar?  What about finally getting that appointment scheduled? 

The better you understand your customer, the more likely you’ll be able to identify whether and how they’ll be interested in speaking with you this weekend.  If your customer or prospect works in retail or e-commerce, you better believe they’re working (if from home) over the busy shopping weekend.  Real estate agents & brokers will be back at it this weekend as well (and likely sitting in empty open houses on Sunday, bored, and willing to take a call).

In many cases, expecting prospects to take your call on a holiday weekend might not be realistic.  But weekends like this might be your most productive with some well-placed, well-intentioned email. 

Happy Thanksgiving!