My daily productivity habits (downloadable checklist included)


Six years ago I first shared a version of my “daily do list“, which focuses me daily on a number of tactical but important tasks to feed my network, work my pipeline, learn and share, etc.

Since then the list has gone through a number of revisions and additions.  It’s still on my daily task list (a recurring daily task that automatically regenerates via Outlook Tasks) and I’ve started keeping the list in a Word doc as well.

I actually have a laminated version of the list in my folio that travels with me nearly everywhere.  I still try to get the list completed as early in the day as possible, but sometimes I have 10-15 minutes in the middle of a day and can sneak a few more things off of the list.

Here’s a downloadable version of what the list looks like today.  The sections include:

  • Follow-Up: Mostly a review of yesterday’s schedule, to ensure I’ve done what I said I would do, plus sent some thank you notes, LinkedIn invites, etc.
  • Networking: A variety of channels and formats to stay connected with those I care about (professionally, personally & both) and to add to how well I know them for future follow-up
  • Prospecting: In addition to our inbound demand, I spend time daily building value and reaching out to our target accounts
  • Content Curation: This is a subset of learning, but is also an intentional effort to keep our social channels stocked with sales and marketing best practices.  Even as we grow, I’ve kept this task to myself so I can continue learning more deeply on a daily basis
  • Content Creation:  I’ve made a habit of creating content daily – not just written content like this blog but also our radio show, comments on other interesting blogs, etc.
  • Learning: Some of this is sales and marketing related, but more of it is about the world around us. I process a handful of email summaries of key news of the day, some from publications and some curated from sources like Digg and others
  • Mail & Task Processing: I try not to get sucked into every stream of content all day long, so having a daily check-in for a few that are still important keeps me connected, on the pulse of things urgent or important, but otherwise back to the most important work in front of me that day.

I’m constantly tinkering with this list, the sequence and specifics.  Would love to hear what elements would be (or are!) on your daily do list.  What would you add or subtract from this?

Click here to see my full daily do list in a downloadable format.