Didn’t complete the registration form? Send them the offer anyway!


There are a ton of shiny objects in demand generation. Good-looking headlines and offers that get our attention, but not quite the conversion.

Something might look like a blog post but ends up requiring registration. You thought it would be an instant-gratification white paper but instead it’s a 20-minute video, or a webinar two weeks from now.

So you abandon pursuit. Not because it wasn’t interesting to you, but because it was too hard to get, or not immediately available.

Most companies count you among the unconverted lost. They might score your half-effort for future usage, but they’re done with you for now.

Not so for Citrix in a recent white paper campaign. I was compelled initially by a headline in an email from Enterprise Guide for an article titled “Missed Opportunities: Why Webinar Attendees Leave“. Great topic, so I clicked to learn more.

I assumed it was a blog article, but instead they wanted me to register. I was in a hurry, and didn’t feel like it, so moved on.

A few minutes later, this email popped into my inbox:


Subject Line: Missed Opportunities: Why Webinar Attendees Leave

Body Copy:
Thank you for your interest in “Missed Opportunities: Why Webinar Attendees Leave”. We know that you’re busy, so for your convenience, we’ve sent you a direct link to this resource so that you can access it anytime.

(Direct, no registration link to the paper on SlideShare here)

The Enterprise Guide Staff


They didn’t get my full registration, but they knew I was interested so sent it to me anyway. So instead of getting nothing, they got me to read the content (plus tweet about it, write a blog post, and link to it again here).

Smart strategy, guys.