Don’t Assume


Nothing can substitute for solid planning and flawless execution. You think through all the opportunities, all the pain points and needs for your organization or business, and get things done.

Then time starts to pass. Your customers get smarter. The world gets smaller. Your competitors catch up. Things change.

In today’s market, they’re likely changing faster than ever.

The plan you built, and execution you began, just months ago were great then. But don’t assume they map directly to your business and opportunity today.

This is both strategic and tactical.

Don’t assume your customers’ needs and pain points are the same today as they were this summer. If they have changed, how would you know? And how would your business adjust?

Don’t assume that the great lead generation offer that worked last spring still works today. If it’s performance has slipped, how would you know? And when would it become unprofitable to continue? And what new offers are you testing to take its place?

The easy part, sometimes, is setting up a plan and nailing the execution. The hard part often is constantly watching the results, understanding what they mean, and knowing when to dig back in again.