Don’t read this book


Most business books take an entire 200-300 pages to make a single point.  Oftentimes, the book’s length helps make the point with examples, case studies, explorations of different components of the primary point, etc.  But sometimes, what you really needed was something short – just 2-3 pages perhaps to get the gist.

That might be why I liked David Meerman Scott’s new book World Wide Rave so much.  It’s a relatively short book, with a focus on how to get our customers – your fans – to spread your ideas and share your stories with those they know.  It’s an excellent treatise on how to create and drive word-of-mouth for your business or brand.

And what makes it even better is that you don’t have to read it.

Pick up the book and flip to a random page.  You’re likely to landing on the start of a new, short topic that will spark your creativity.  This book is full of short but powerful ideas, examples and inspirations related to spreading the word about your products and services virally.

When I first picked up a copy, I didn’t have time to dig in and read it right away.  And thank goodness.  Over the next couple days, I literally would pick it up every once in awhile and just flip to a page.  Tons of great content and ideas in a short, easy to follow, quick-hit format.

For marketers especially, I highly recommend this book.  Just don’t read it (at least not like that).