Elevator Questions


If you’re in business, you should know your elevator pitch. In a five-story elevator ride, how would you describe your business? How would you tell a prospective partner, customer or employee why your business is remarkable?

The concept of the elevator pitch is not new. But I hadn’t really considered the elevator question until reading Tim Connor’s great book, 91 Mistakes Smart Salespeople Make.

According to Tim, an elevator question is any question that cuts to the heart of your prospect’s challenges, concerns or fears to make them think. It’s a question that implies you or your organization may have a possible solution for their problems.

Of course, elevator questions are not confined to elevators. They can be used on the trade show floor, at the start of a phone conversation, even in voicemails.

Get right to the heart of what your customers care about, worry about, and are themselves paid to do. Imply with the question that you may have a solution. Then watch your prospects engage.

Thanks, Tim.